Tuesday, 12 August 2008

Honda Civic EG6 SIR II

Well guys, the car is now officially mine, shipping arrangements are being organised as of now and hopefully the car will land in the UK within about 2 months time. I got some more pictures from the guy who's importing the vehicle for me with a few more detailed shots of the car. I'll include a spec list in this post so you can see what kinda goodies it comes with.

Spec List

Momo Steering Wheel
Momo Gearshift
FUJITSUBO Exhaust Manifold
FUJITSUBO Cat-back system
TANABE low-height springs
Projector head lights
SPARCO 15inch Alloys
TRUST Air cleaner
Fog lamps
JVC Sub woofer
JVC CD stereo
JVC Power amp

Also the car has only covered 63,000miles which is not even a scratch on a V-Tec engine life. The car is a grade 4.5 which is absolutely spotless according the their system so it should be in good condition when it arrives.

More Pics

Thursday, 7 August 2008


Hey guys,

I think I may have found my EG6 after some searching and looking at the auctions and traders in Japan. I've come across a couple of nice examples recently but this one caught my eye for some reason. Even though the car is the dark green colour it has an amazing spec list and the price is spot on too. Its only covered 100,000km's so thats not even scratched the surface on a Honda V-TEC engine so it should be good. I'm currently waiting for my importer to get back to me to see if the vehicle is still available, then if it is I shall make it mine. :)