Tuesday, 20 May 2008

EG6 Inspiration

Obviously before I start tuning an EG6 its always good to look at other examples to get idea's on how to tune it, aesthetically and mechanically. First I'm going to look at exterior styling ideas and examples of which I think are nice to look at, when it comes to exterior styling though I tend to go for more function over fashion if you understand, so the exterior bodyparts parts will need to add down force or make the car lighter.

Wednesday, 7 May 2008

project eg6 | The beginning

Ok so here we go, its the start of a new blog from me, this will run alongside the project-ep82 blog which some of your may already have visited. As you can probably guess I've decided that my next car will be a Honda Civic EG6, i have always been fond of this car and after watching many many Hot Version video's I've concluded that i love VTEC engines purely for the noise and tuning capability proven by Spoon. Right now I'm just looking for a the right one to get imported over, I'm going to purchase one that already has modifications on purely so i can save some money and enjoy it straight away but i already have some kool plans for it once it arrives. Stay tuned!