Sunday, 28 March 2010

Stage 1.6 | Part 5

Another small update on some progress I'm making with the EG6. These are some little minor details and accents. The saying goes "The Devil is in the detail!". I decided to revert back to import sized number plates but the smallest legally possible, I think they look much better and keep the original import look and feel of the car.

Wednesday, 24 March 2010

Stage 1.6 | Part 4

Little update for you guys, I've pretty much got all the parts together which I wanted to purchase before I go to Europe on my road trip. Its always fun collecting loads of parts from all over the world, but my absolute favourite part is installing them all and taking lots of time over it too. Its funny because I actually enjoy the installation process much more than actually using the parts or seeing them fitted.

1. Replace headlights with OEM units
2. Order 50Watt HID Kit | £85.00
3. Order 35watt HID Kit (Fogs) £60.00
4. VTEC Solenoid Gasket & Filter | £50.00
5. Yokohama Parada Spec-2 Tires | 195/50/R15 | £170.00
6. Spoon replica ABS Front Lip (12Tune) | £120.00
7. OEM Style Silver Fog Lights | £100.00
8. Honda MTF | £30.00
9. Skunk 2 RLCA’s | £170.00
10. Black carpet for rear shelf
11. Hardrace 26pc bush set | £110.00
12. M&M C-Pillar bar | £130.00
13. Indicator Lens O/S £12.50
14. Arch lining O/S | £10.00
15. Tracking Rod Ends | £60.00
16. Steering Rack Boot Covers | £30.00
17. Rear white LED lights for number plate surround | £12.48

Essential Item's

Spoon Replica Splitter Painting

Nasty Old Wiper Arm

And the Rest

Stay tuned for some more updates, also I will post up the planned trip through Europe, and yes the Nürburgring is on the agenda.