Monday, 16 December 2013

Final Purchases Part 1 of 2

After a long long time without any activity on this blog I have an update and some progress with the car. Basically I have been saving up for a while now in order to afford some major parts for the project. My final major parts which I needed to purchase for the Civic before I start rebuilding it were:

  • Sparco Evo Racing Seats (Black)
  • Sparco Seat Side Mounts (Black Steel)
  • Sparco 2014 6 Point Harnesses (Blue)
  • Sparco 12 Point Bolt-in Roll Cage
  • MOCAL Oil Catch Can (Brushed Aluminium)
  • Titanium Exhaust Wrap
  • Side Air Duct
  • 2 x Slim Brake Ducts
My favourite looking part from all the bunch above is the MOCAL Oil Catch Can in Brushed Aluminium, this was really just to spruce up the rather drab looking engine bay really and give an outlet for the redundant oil breather pipe which I removed from the standard air intake hose.

Having made the trip to Demon Tweaks to pick up my parts I was quite excited once I arrived there for the first time. Also having never bought racing parts before I was eager to see them in the flesh and try parking my bum in them to see how well they held me in place compared to the standard seats I've had for years. I wasn't disappointed that's for sure, the Sparco Evo seats really held me in perfectly even with my small frame there wasn't much room for lateral movement. These will be mounted using the steel Sparco Side Mounts with some custom sub frames which will be welded in place.

With my exhaust manifold being quite rare and actually really decent it is looking a little tatty, so I thought I could protect it some and decrease the engine bay temperatures by wrapping it in some decent quality titanium exhaust wrap.

As for the vents I have 2 slim rectangular vents for each side of the front splitter which will direct air to each disc brake at the front. The other side intake will be mounted upside down on the adjustable carbon front splitter which will direct cold air to the APEXi cotton mesh air filter through the hole in the engine bay.

The other parts I mentioned above are on order so once they arrive I shall take some detailed shots of them and share as there isn't really any information about the Sparco 12 Point Roll Cage for a Honda Civic EG hatchback at all when I searched on Google.

See you for part 2 next year.