Monday, 26 January 2009

Tuesday, 20 January 2009

Stage 1.1 | Fine Tuning

Well, it's been a while now since I've posted on here. Christmas and New Year combined with winter mean very slow progress and very low funds for the project. I have however managed to get a few more things done that are worthy of posting up.

I recently bought a SRS de-cat pipe after trying with another bigger de-cat pipe that didn't fit I was hoping that this one would be the correct size. I came to realise that the smaller sensor in the original catalytic converter was only a small 14x1.25 thread size and I would have to mill out a bung and tap a thread into this to incorporate the original sensor rather than just leaving it hanging out. I got this done with the aid of my Uncle and Step Dad.

Once the pipe was installed it was straight out for a test drive. To my pleasure the noise of the car had gone from very good to amazing, once the revs went into the VTEC mode it came alive with the sound of a finely tuned race car. Performance has felt a slight bit better also, but I'm currently looking out for a Field SFC-VTEC computer so I can fine tune the fuel and VTEC timing on the car to make the most of the modifications I have installed so far. Once this is done I shall be off to for a dyno run and tweaking session at my local tuning shop so we can see the results of all my tuning so far. I also got round to getting the car under sealed too with it being winter and lots of salt being on the roads it was a definite must. The car still looks like brand new underneath as you'll see from some of the images.

SRS De-cat pipe

Stay tuned for video's and high quality photographs coming next weekend with my friend stimu1us.