Monday, 13 January 2014

Final Purchases Part 2 of 2

Here are the final major parts I needed to purchase in order to get my Civic back on the road and to comply with race regulations in order to compete at the hill climb.

Now that I have everything together I just need to organise getting all of the products fitted and complicit with the regulations too. It's going to be a lot of hard work and graft now and will take a lot of careful planning to get the car complete in the next two months.

I'm hoping I won't have any issues with fitting the new products I've purchased as they've been sitting in my spare room awaiting the day I get in the garage.

Hasport Engine Mounts

I opted for these mounts for a couple of reasons, they are well known, look fantastic and they offer a range of bushes from street to full hardcore race stiffness. I opted for the 70A which are for racing and track duties.

What I didn't realise is that I had ordered a 3 bolt mount as opposed to the two bolt kit which my EG6 has. Fortunately I was able to source a DC2 engine bracket and convert mine from 2 to 3 bolts, which looks a lot more substantial anyway so all good.

OMP Curved Aluminium Pedal Set

 Sparco 6 Point Harnesses - Blue

Sparco 6 Point Bolt-in Roll Cage

This is only the back half of the cage as I was test fitting it to make sure all the anchor points match up. It will be going for painting this week and then ready for installation with the rest of the door frames and overhead bars behind the dashboard.

Only a couple more things left to purchase but these are only minor and menial products, by the next time I post on here I should have some progress shots of how the installation phase is going.