Tuesday, 4 June 2013

Mishimoto X-Line Radiator and Slim Fan

My original radiator was looking rather scabby and tatty, I thought it might be about time to upgrade seeing as I'll be pushing the car harder for longer, the last thing I want is for it to start leaking whilst I'm out at the track or on a spirited drive in the countryside.

I spoke to Maz over at www.hond-r.com having wanted to originally buy a KOYO radiator which was only a dual core and £100 more expensive he said to give Mishimoto a try as it is a triple core and a lot less in price too. All the fixing and welding methods are the same and the quality is pretty much on par. I've heard good things about Mishimoto in the US too so I thought why not. I also purchased a slim fan as the thickness of the radiator has pretty much doubled overall so there won't be much room for the OEM one to sit behind without touching the gearbox housing.

I'll be fitting this later in the summer once the car is back on the road and running again, I'll give a verdict on how it performs in the hot summer days.

Comparing the sizes

Sunday, 2 June 2013

Polycarbonate Windows - Fitting

So I got round to fitting the polycarbonate windows yesterday. I wanted to utilise the existing clips that held up the glass windows and fabricate my own bracket to hold up the new plastic windows. Using 3" bolts and some washers I was able to fabricate a bracket which attaches to the inner door skin and can be adjusted to push the window up or down and in or out so I could get a tight fit on the standard window seals.

I'll take some pics of the brackets once I've completed the fitting, the top part of the window is still loose as the window kit I purchased was flat and not formed so I may have to using window seal to stop the top of the window flapping around, or I may pop rivet it in place around the top frame for total security (so long as it doesn't crack).

Here are some preliminary photos of the drivers side window fitted.