Sunday, 28 February 2010

Toshi's S2K | Suzuka Circiut

I came across this blog of an S2000 from the ASM Autobacs blog, I believe he is one of their customers, this was his latest video from a time attack around Suzuka Circuit, sounds great and performs very well, looking at his previous entries he has done a fair amount of work on this car.

Wednesday, 24 February 2010

Stage 1.6 | Part 3

More parts have arrived, I'm seriously impressed with the quality of the products and I'd also like to thank Duncan at for his efficiency with my order.

Skunk2 RLCA's

Samco Radiator Hose Set

Half way there....

Wednesday, 17 February 2010

Stage 1.6 | Part 2

Ok a little update on some more parts that I've been waiting to arrive and I managed to get a bit of work done in preperation for all the new parts that I will be installing in March time. Thankfully I now have a place to work inside without freezing my ass off on an evening. For the installation of the OEM fog lights I've had to cut away the plastic covering the holes required for them to fit, also the bumper was a problem in itself with the screws being completed rounded off, these were ground off and replaced with some stainless items for easy removal of the bumper in future.

M & M C-Pillar Bar

HID Xenon HB3 Kit 4300k (For OEM Fog Lights)

Wireless Fog Light Kit

Xenon LED Reg Plate Surround Lights