Friday, 29 January 2010

Tuning List | 2010

Here is a breakdown of the up and coming modifications going on with my EG6, I've got a few aesthetic and functionally tuning modifications to be installed, I'm hoping to get it all ready for my trip to Austria in April where I will be covering around 2,000 miles across Europe over the Alps. Should be pretty amazing and It will be all documented on here with some amazing pictures and video's of the Hillclimb at Rechberg too.

1. Replace headlights with OEM units
2. Order 50Watt HID Kit | £85.00
3. Order 35watt HID Kit (Fogs) £60.00
4. Tarox Brake Disc’s (10 Grove) | £190.00
5. Yokohama Parada Spec-2 Tires | 195/50/R15 | £170.00
6. Spoon replica ABS Front Lip (12Tune) | £120.00
7. OEM Style Silver Fog Lights | £100.00
8. Rear Euro Crystal Lights | £100.00
9. Skunk 2 RLCA’s | £170.00
10. Black carpet for rear shelf
11. Hardrace 26pc bush set | £110.00
12. M&M C-Pillar bar | £130.00
13. Indicator Lens O/S £12.50
14. Arch lining O/S | £10.00
15. Tracking Rod Ends | £60.00
16. Steering Rack Boot Covers | £30.00
17. Rear white LED lights for number plate surround | £12.48

This is the list so far and what I have already waiting to be installed on the car, hopefully everything will arrive in time for my Birthday in February when I have booked time in the garage to get everything sorted.

Stay tuned..............

Wednesday, 20 January 2010

Stage 1.6 | Lighting Upgrades

As I mentioned in the last post there is going to be some pretty kool updates coming around February time for my birthday. The following modifications will be taking place for the lighting side of the EG6 and aesthetics too. The focus is mainly for night driving on the country roads, so high power lighting will be used so I can navigate the roads at high speed safely and confidently. I have also purchased brand new headlights as having painted headlights really does effect the amount of light they give off.

50Watt HID Xenon Kit

OEM Replica Fog Lights

OEM Headlights

More updates and products coming soon......

Sunday, 3 January 2010

Full lighting upgrade | Coming soon.....

Just a sneak of whats to come in 2010 in regards to the lighting on my SiR.

Winter EG6

Winter has been a pretty snowy one in the UK, had some fun times with the Civic trying to get around in deep snow, its not the best car. Even though mine has the TCS option it doesn't help at all, haha. Here's some standard snow shots of my Civic.