Wednesday, 22 June 2011

Honister Pass | The Lake District

So now that I got my Civic back on the road again I decided to head out to The Lake District and get back on some of the best and most scenic roads in England. Even the roads leading up to The Lakes are great, the A65 from Skipton is a fantastic high speed, smooth and winding road which offers great grip on the single carriage way sections, it then changes to a dual carriage way when it reaches the M6.

Once I'd reached The Lakes we grabbed some lunch, which consisted of a Gammon Steak and Chips from the John Peel pub, delicious. After lunch we hit up some of the tighter and rougher country roads, firstly was Kirkstone Pass (A592) which runs down to Ullswater, this is generally pretty smooth and has tighter corners with some high speed sections thrown in, also a very steep decent toward the valley bottom which is good fun on the brakes.

Another similar road to Kirkstone Pass is Honister Pass which starts from Keswick and runs through Borrowdale Valley and runs right to Cockermouth, this is a very winding and quite rough road but offers some really fantastic views and photographic opportunities, so it is definitley worth it. Below are a few of my favourite shots from Honister Pass, I didn't have enough time to shoot the other parts of the trip unfortunatley as I was enjoying driving so much.