Friday, 31 October 2008

Stage 1.0 | Tuning Parts Continued 2...

Well then, after the parts I ordered a few weeks back turned up I thought it'd be a good pass time to update the blog and get some new pictures up for you guys to see what I've got in store for the EG6. After purchasing the BMC CDA Intake kit I have a feeling that the Air/Fuel mixture won't be bang on, in fact it will be more than likely a lean mixture, so to balance this out I purchased a SARD FPR Kit to fine tune the fuelling on a basic level, at least for now. I used one of these kits on my EP82 Starlet and it was very accurate and reliable and simple to set up so it was an easy choice to buy another one. For the intake system I've decided to use some custom piping and silicone hoses rather than using the original silicone piping to possibly aid performance and also clean up the look of the engine bay.

Also not forgetting about the braking system, which was actually something I overlooked on my EP82 Starlet when I increased the power. I went and bought a set of APP Braided S/S Brake lines as something to start off with that will change the brake pedal feeling from something I can only describe as rather squishy to a crisp and firm pedal feel for more confident braking. When the car eventually arrives it will be going straight for its MOT and service so just to be safe I purchased as set of NGK Iridium spark plugs to be sure its firing perfectly on all 4 cylinders.

Stage 1.0 Continued.....

Wednesday, 15 October 2008

Stage 1.0 | Tuning Parts Continued...

I bought a few more tuning parts for the EG6 last week and they've turned up and they're looking rather nice. I don't actually know if my EG6 has been de-catted already but I've gone ahead and bought an adjustable one with the 02 sensor hole so its all 100% correct. I also ordered some APP Braided S/S Teflon brake lines to give a more responsive pedal feel while braking, then seeing as I'll have a new induction system installed which and along with the de-cat I think the car will start to run slighty lean. So to counter this I've ordered a new SARD FPR kit in matt black with the pressure gauge and all the fittings I need for the B16A, hopefully this will level out the Air/Fuel mixture on a pretty basic tune.

SRS S/S De-cat Pipe

Tuesday, 7 October 2008

More Inspiration

I've come across a few more rather awesome looking EG6's that I'd like to share with you guys. There are a few varied styles but mainly JDM style which is all good.

Saturday, 4 October 2008

Honda Civic EG6 SIR II | 1:24 Scale

Awesome, I've now finished building the EG6 model kit and I'm very pleased with how its turned out. To say I haven't built a model kit for about 4 years it looks half decent actually. I'll let you guys take a peek and see what you think, not the greatest pictures but the LCD screen on my camera is rather damaged :(.

Honda Civic EG6 SIR-II | 1:24 Scale

I'll take some better shots outside or something when the weather is better.