Wednesday, 15 October 2008

Stage 1.0 | Tuning Parts Continued...

I bought a few more tuning parts for the EG6 last week and they've turned up and they're looking rather nice. I don't actually know if my EG6 has been de-catted already but I've gone ahead and bought an adjustable one with the 02 sensor hole so its all 100% correct. I also ordered some APP Braided S/S Teflon brake lines to give a more responsive pedal feel while braking, then seeing as I'll have a new induction system installed which and along with the de-cat I think the car will start to run slighty lean. So to counter this I've ordered a new SARD FPR kit in matt black with the pressure gauge and all the fittings I need for the B16A, hopefully this will level out the Air/Fuel mixture on a pretty basic tune.

SRS S/S De-cat Pipe

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