Monday, 30 March 2009

HID Xenon Kit

After having a HID kit on my previous car it was about time I upgrade the frankly poor bulbs that came with the EG6 and also only having one bulb that worked too was a major factor in upgrading. I bought the kit from HID's Direct in Manchester online and the kit arrived the next day which was pleasing, the kit is H3 fitment and 8000k colour temperature.

Also having projector headlights already I know that the HID's would look awesome shining through the glass orb's at night and give the car a really modern feel and look whilst improving the vision at night. I enlisted the help of my girlfriend and we cracked on for about 3 hours planning it out and completely removing the headlight units to make life easier and making sure it was all fitted 100%. To be honest it wasn't that hard to fit them into the headlight units and finding a place for the ballast boxes wasn't a problem either, mounting them on the front cross member and running the cables around the lights worked perfectly. Once we had finished we tested them out and they worked first time without a hitch which was satisfying, all we had to do now was wait until it got dark.

High quality images

Thursday, 26 March 2009

Gran Turismo 4 Photo Travel

After playing Gran Turismo 4 for many years and now owning an EG6 SiR it becomes a pretty useful tool for experimenting with suspension set-ups and wheel choices. After messing around for hours just deciding on the right wheels and the right suspension height and camber angle's I took it out for a photo shoot in the Photo Travel mode. Here are the shots I thought were worthy.

Wheels |
BBS LM 16"
Suspension |
Ride Height 100mm all round
Front Camber -3.2
Rear Camber -1.4

Monday, 16 March 2009

Engine Bay

Here are some updated images of my engine bay as it currently sits. Not done a great deal to it so far, just keeping it clean and maintaining.