Thursday, 19 January 2012

B16 Stealth Bomber - New Parts

It has been a seriously long time since I posted on this blog, since I started my own company and working solely for myself it has become rather hard to break off from work and take some time to blog and work on my EG6. Recently I ordered a few more parts from the huge list which I had created before Christmas.

These are only a few small parts of the project but I really enjoy this part of a project the most, like a magpie collecting shiny objects, it is great to appreciate the engineering behind the racing parts from Japan. There is no compromise for quality when it comes to TODA, even the cam pulleys are finely engineered, precise and well finished coupled with functionality.

As for the Sparco racing gloves, they are a much needed piece of apparel for gripping the steering, if I'm going to be serious about racing the Civic, then I might as well look like I'm serious.

Sparco Flash 2 Racing Gloves

TODA Racing Adjustable Cam Pulley Set