Thursday, 18 June 2009

Dirty EG6

Again, nothing much to update on but I have a few things in the pipeline which will be happening pretty soon. The Lenso BSX wheels should be arriving next week some point then all I need to do is order the Yokohama tires to go with them and I'll have a new set of shoes for the EG6.

Next is to generally tidy up the outside of the car, the small scratches, chips and poor surfaces will be all rectified at the body shop their the car will also receive a full machine polish to bring back out the unique paintwork. Lastly is a few minor and small things to update such as smaller front and rear number plates in 12" by 6" which will look a whole lot better than the huge one's I currently have fitted, another minor thing will be replacing the missing front inner arch lining and the broken interior wing mirror cover to tidy up the inside.

Here's how she looks at the moment, the reason she is looking so dirty and neglected is because I said that I wouldn't bother cleaning the car until I install my new wheels so obviously its been a while since I cleaned it!

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