Wednesday, 26 August 2009

Clean Again

Its been ages since I actually gave my EG6 a bit of TLC. I thought I'd give it a bath and a quick detail polish so it could be proud of the paintwork once again. I wish I had the whole day to spend cleaning it because I know I could but the English weather does not permit a full day of cleaning without it raining halfway through or just after you've finished polishing. I managed to tidy up the engine and engine bay too, the VTEC solenoid has started to leak slightly so I got rid of the seepage and it looks much better now. We also gave Michelle's EJ9 a wash and a polish too so I got a couple of shots of them together for the first time. Be sure to check the progress of the EJ9 at

Apologies for the utter rubbish photographs, my camera's digital view finder has cracked and I am basically pointing and hoping it captures what I wanted. Nikon D90 ftw eventually!

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