Monday, 28 September 2009

Stage 1.5 | Refresh

Sweet, so I got my Sparco wheels refurbished and powder coated in Bronze finally. I'm very happy with the results, the finish is just awesome, the colour I chose wasn't an external colour so it had to be lacquered over to seal it in and to be honest it has a much deeper finish because of the lacquer now and almost a pearl effect at the same time. I would recommend powder coating to anyone considering a refresh on there old alloy wheels before purchasing new ones.

I also got round to completely removing the air-con system, this took a great deal of weight away from the front end considering the pump is fairly hefty. Not only is the pump heavy but the bracket it sits on with an extra stabilizing pulley and cushion. Total weight saved from this was | 12.3kg's.

Next to go was the rear seats and interior trim, this unsurprisingly lost quite a lot of weight from the EG, I removed the rear seats and brackets, rear lower parcel shelf, spare wheel, jack and tools. This all equated to around | 40kg's. Obviously this made quite a positive difference on the overall performance of the EG and I would recommend it to anyone who is seriously after improving the vehicle's characteristics without having to spend loads of cash on performance parts straight away.

Last up is a bonus shot
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