Monday, 16 November 2009

MCR VTEC | October Meeting

After signing up to the MCR VTEC forum recently being recommended to it by Gee it was time for their monthly meeting and drive that they organise. Gee had told me one of the previous one's he went to was awesome fun so I thought I'd come along and see what the deal was. Upon arriving there was a few decent Honda's kicking about, mainly EP3's with some light tuning, later in the afternoon a few more locals turned up in EG's and a fair few ATR's too all looking rather nice.

Part of the meet is also an organised drive along some local roads, a sort of follow the leader type deal, rather than just freezing in the car park stood around we actually get to witness and hear the roar of VTEC which I was very impressed with. Gee's White EK9 is rather quick since he installed the B18C engine from a DC2, you can find his blog here Project-Touge

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