Monday, 26 November 2012

New ULTRA Ignition Leads and APEX'i Power Intake

A few more parts arrived this morning, these parts will enable me to turn the engine over after 6 months of it being dormant. I'm hoping there won't be any issues with it after being sat so long, last time I left the distributor unit attached and when I got back on the road after 4 months it gave up on me. So I've removed the distributor unit this time around so no condensation can disturb it.

Going with the new theme for the car I'm sticking to Blacks and Blues for the colours, the old ignition leads were Red and a little worn out, they were also ULTRA but their older model. I purchased a set of ULTRA Blue Point ignition leads to fit in with my colour scheme.

For the air intake side of things, I regretably sold my BMC CDA intake kit, which pretty incredible really. I've decided to keep it simple and go for the old reliable APEX'i Power Intake in 75mm. These are still highly regarded filters as they use a mesh and cotton design and don't go crusty and dry like the HKS Mushroom filters. I've had about 3 of these in the past and they've always held up well over the years. This is only a temporary intake set up until I can afford the ITBs from Jenvey.

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