Tuesday, 2 September 2008

EG6 | First Steps

So the Civic will be here within about 35days time which isn't long to get everything sorted out. I will be registering the car myself once it arrives and I've paid for the VAT and import duty and got the car to an MOT test station. I've decided that the car is going to need a new air intake system as the filter on the pictures looks like its seen better days. After a little bit of research and quite a lot of good things said about the CDA BMC Carbon intake system I decided to splash out on one of them. They are proven to give good gains over stock air intake systems but I'm always sceptical about these claims, we shall see on the dyno. Next on the cards is to stiffen up the chassis that little bit more, as this is my main focus of tuning to this car I've ordered 2 x Front and Rear lower arm bars made by Carbing which should make a substantial difference to the chassis rigidity. Lastly I ordered a copy of the Honda Civic Hyper-Rev magazine to get some more tuning ideas, these magazines are awesome for finding rare JDM parts such as body styling and tuning parts.

CDA BMC Carbon Intake

Carbing Lower Arm Bar
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