Monday, 15 September 2008

Honda Civic EG6 SIR II | 1:24 Scale

Excellent news, after recently mentioning to my girlfriend that I always wanted a model of my previous car the Toyota Starlet and failing miserably at tracking a model kit down, she went a found a model replica of the exact car I'm getting from a hobby kit company called Hasegawa, I was totally amazed as she pulled it out the box, I couldn't wait to get the thing built as I haven't built a model kit for absolutely ages. The model Is an excellent replica and its given me chance to try out some idea's on colours for when my EG6 arrives, plus it will take my mind off the wait for the real car to arrive. I've taken some pics of my progress so far so let me know what you guys think, I'm still quite a big geek so I'm quite happy to admit I still build model kits :)

Hasegawa 1:24 Scale | Honda Civic SIR-II EG6

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