Monday, 29 September 2008

Stage 1.0 | Tuning Parts

Ok so I've purchased a few nice items prior to my Civic's arrival to keep my mind occupied until the very late landing date of November 11th. After hearing many many good things about the BMC CDA air intake system I thought it'd be best to try one out for myself, this seemed to be reasonably priced for the quality of the product. It became clear this is definitely a race spec intake system when you open the box, the carbon box itself is beautifully finished and comes with all the necessary fitments for easy installation. One thing I noticed while briefly reading over the instructions for fitment was that it says strictly for circuit use, not for road use! Strange but this should turn out very interesting if its insanely loud.

BMC CDA Intake

After owning a Carbing front lower arm bar on my Starlet EP82 and being most impressed with its ability to change the handling characteristics from such a inexpensive part I had to buy a full set for my EG6. At only £60 each per bar its well worth it and they are very simple to fit and make a noticeable difference.

Carbing Front & Rear Lower Arm Bars

I also purchased a rather simple device which is much needed when importing a JDM car into the UK, a speedo convertor which doubles up as a speed de-limiter, the device simply splices into the wiring loom on the top of the gearbox on the EG6 As many of you know that in Japan they have a 112mph top speed limit built into all there cars, even the R35 GT-R has this.

Speedo Convertor
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