Wednesday, 21 April 2010

Stage 1.6 | Part 7

Part 7 now and this is getting to be a little more interesting. The next few problems that needed addressing was the lighting, as you know from previous blog entries I had bought some brand new headlights, after discovering that painting the inside of the headlights black is a very bad idea. Also I got around to fitting the 50W H4 HID's, man these things are bright, found a few different places to mount the ballasts, I have four of these now dotted around the car.

The Yokohama tires are installed now and they are so much better than the ditch finders I had fitted before. Specs on the tires are Yokohama Parada Spec-2 | 195/50/R15.

Now me being pretty anal about colours and how they have to be coordinated I decided to change the silicone air intake pipes from Blue to Black and to be honest it looks so much better.

As you can see from the pictures above I have got round to fitting the OEM fog lights and also the 35W HB3 HID's, these took a bit of customising to fit but so worth it in the end.

Now there is only a few things left to do which are only simple. I bought some Honda MTF as its about time to try this stuff out, everyone seems to rave how good it is and that it makes for a more smoother gear change. My rear wiper blade refill arrived too so I got that installed with the new powder coated wiper arms and a nice stainless captive nut.

These will pretty much complete the modifications that I needed to carry out.
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