Wednesday, 21 April 2010

Euro Trip 2010

As mentioned in previous entries I have been planning a trip to Europe since the beginning of the year, I've always fancied driving through and around the Alps and also since becoming a fan of the Austrian Hillclimb events I have made it my mission to go and see one of these events. Below is the actual event I will be attending on the Sunday 25th April, I think this will definitely be the highlight of my trip purely because of the sound and speed of these machines, the top class cars are actually faster than the Group B rally cars from the 1980's, it will be some spectacle.

Rechberg Hillclimb Austria

I will also be travelling right through the centre of the Alps, starting in Switzerland and ending up at the hillclimb event in Tulwitz, this will be some trek as its 1000km's from Strasbourg to Tulwitz going on the route I have highlighted in the Google Map below.

View Austria Trip in a larger map

As you can see on the map above I have also booked 4 laps on the most famous proving grounds in Europe, the Nürburgring. I seriously can't wait to blast around this track in my EG6 as I've spent quite a lot of money installing various parts and changing the suspension especially for this. As there is a video ban on the track I have my best friend for support who will be track side to capture me as a I go past.

For now that is all I can think of writing as I'm am in the middle of packing for the trip, I will be heading down to Dover tomorrow evening to catch the early morning ferry to France. I will try and document the trip as well as possible with the help of my friend, expect a full feature and photo shoot of the EG6 in the Alps in a few weeks.

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