Sunday, 30 May 2010


So it was a sunny but windy Sunday afternoon this bank holiday so I decided I'd give the car a little inspection and check the oil and other fluids. In order to do this on a nice level surface on my driveway I would have to remove my front bumper as the Spoon lip would get ripped straight off due to the crazy steep driveway I am lucky to have. I checked all the levels and they were all ok, so no worries there. As you can see now that the bumper is off, I have mounted the second set of HID ballast boxes behind the bumper which are for the fog lights.

One thing I have been meaning to do is clean the exhaust tip, the inside of it mainly as it has loads of carbon build up and looks pretty nasty, so I got the trust wire brush out and a little bit of Autosol and off I went scrubbing away. The results speak for themselves really, great looking exhaust system the Fujitsubo Power Getter.

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