Monday, 24 May 2010

Photoshoot | R33 GT-R & EG6 SiR

So here's my first attempt with my new Nikon D70 at a photoshoot. I called up my friend with it being a sunny day and me being pretty eager to test out the new toy. He agreed to come along for a nice drive and some photo's at some point along the way. I was completely shocked that even a standard GT-R is extremely fast, no wonder they are called Godzilla! After having a blast on some of the windy roads that England has to offer we had a bite to eat then decided on an industrial location for the shoot, below are the results. I welcome any comments and criticism as this is my first real shoot with the new camera, I think they turned out quite well, perhaps I should have set the ISO to 200 instead of 320 to reduce grain.

I really think the photo's are a vast improvement on the previous calibre, I look forward to hearing your opinions.

Full quality versions can be found here | R33 & EG6 Flickr
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