Monday, 3 May 2010

Euro Trip 2010 | Part 2

Now after leaving Strasbourg and heading for the Swiss border this was going to be the most scenic part of the trip and also quite and experience. For some reason the people at the Swiss border took a dislike to my car, probably because of it being Black and heavily tinted in the rear. So they decided it would be fun to strip my entire car and go through all my bags, use the sniffer dog and search me and my friend. Obviously they found all the Cocaine and Canabis......

After travelling through the kool network of tunnels and flyovers in Switzerland we arrived at a place near St.Gallen and took a few snaps, then it was on to the real breath taking scenery and roads in the Alps.

The Alps

One of the main reasons for heading out to the Alps, in particular Austria was to see the European Hillclimb Championship, the Rechberg Rennen as its known locally. More info can be found on the Hillclimb here After meeting up with Chris,(he is the guy who runs the Hillclimb fans website) he showed us around the track and we got to meet some of the drivers which was really good, we even got an applause from the drivers for coming all the way from England to spectate as I don't think many British people have seen this particular event. There was such a diverse selection of cars there all unique in their looks and sound, some of the VW Golf Mk.1's were revving upto 11k and the top turbo tuned cars were equally as impressive.

Here are a few short video's of my favourite cars, just listen to the Orange Lancia Delta of Felix Pailer.

Rechberg Rennen 2010 | Austria from Richard Raw on Vimeo.

Rechberg Rennen 2010 | Austria from Richard Raw on Vimeo.

Rechberg Rennen 2010 | Austria from Richard Raw on Vimeo.

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